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Dallas/Ft Worth All-In-One Access Control

Access control can be obtained in a cost-effective format best described as “All-In-One.” Devices such as the Alarm Lock Trilogy combine the locking device and keypad or reader into a single unit to be installed on a door. These devices are typically battery powered which eliminates high labor costs from pulling wire and expensive power supplies. These devices are estimated to run 2 years on a single set of batteries before replacement is required. In most cases, such as the Trilogy, customers can see 3 or more years depending on usage of the lock.

Most devices including the ever-popular Trilogy line and Schlage commercial keypad levers use 4-5 AA batteries. This allows the customer and end-user to change the batteries in their lock without paying for expensive proprietary battery packs. Call Marlin Integrations for step-by-step instructions over the phone on how to change the battery in your AIO lock!

Hybrid AIO and Network Locks

It is possible to get the convenience of software-based access control with the cost-effectiveness of AIO devices. These are devices that have a keypad or card reader built into the lock itself but can be connected to software to be programmed and monitored. Connecting your AIO to software gives you convenient audit trails and efficient administration of who has access. For Trilogy locks specifically, this offers expanded functionality depending on the specific model you have.

Pros of AIO

  • Cost effective installation
  • Easy Installation
  • No wires or expensive power supplies
  • Can be connected to software for easy management (dependent on make and model)
  • Not susceptible to power or network outages

Cons of AIO

  • No audit trails (dependent on make on model)
  • Programming must be done one device at a time, at the device
  • Limited number of users
Alarm Lock Trilogy installed on business

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