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When putting together your business’s access control system, sometimes you want to build several layers of security so that you can create a multi-faceted level of protection. If you choose a system that offers the dual benefit of keypad and card access systems, you’ll go a long way towards achieving this goal.

By using an access control setup that offers both keypad and card control options, you can create more layers of security to better prevent unwelcome parties from accessing your private areas. Choose Marlin for your access security needs, and you’ll have a partner to help you design a customized access control system for the highest levels of security.

What is a keypad + card access system?

If you install an access system that offers only a keypad or a card access point, then there are still risks that a security breach might occur. Cards might be copied or stolen, or your secure keypad code might become common knowledge.

However, when you have both systems integrated within the same access control point, you’ll have two layers of security in one place. This is called two-factor authentication. Through this security system, someone who wants to enter a secure area will have to use both the keypad code and the card reader to achieve access. The party in question must have both credentials, or else access will be denied.

How do keypad + card systems work?

When you have this access control system in place, you will create cohesion between both the cards and keypad codes you have in place.

In most cases, you will be able to manage the full system through a central digital point, generally a software system. That way you’ll be able to manage the credentials of all employees in a convenient way and certain systems will even allow you the benefit of assigning unique keycodes to unique cards. Therefore, only a single user will know their particular code.

Some businesses use this dual-access system in a different way. At times, you can implement the keypad as a backup access point for situations when someone loses their card. However, you might be able to implement a separate code requirement that is only usable when someone does not have their card.

What is a key card?

Your key card simply can replace the traditional key as your unlocking mechanism to access control system. However, in a dual system that uses keypads and cards, you will have to also enter the key code to be able to fully open the doorway you need to access.

How does a key card work?

There are many types of key cards that you might be able to use in your system. These include:

  • Fob Access Systems
  • UHF Cards
  • RFID Cards
  • Proximity Cards
  • Contactless Smart Cards
  • Wiegand Cards

Each of these cards will offer you various levels of security and the ability to program them to your needs. Some of these will offer you access by sliding them through a card reader, while others will offer proximity access. Simply by scanning your card near the reader, you’ll be able to complete step one of your access credentials. You can then enter your keypad access credentials to get full access to the locked area.

Are keypad door locks safe?

Most keypad access systems are very safe. However, they do require proper oversight, maintenance, and data security. Keypad locks can still be broken by intruders just the same as any simple keyed lock.

Therefore, you’ll have to enforce security within these systems as much as possible. This means not only managing who has permission to access your system but also telling them to keep a close eye on their own key card or fob and requiring them to keep entry credentials to themselves under the threat of penalty.

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