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Marlin Integrations maintains integrity through code compliance for every system we service and install. The Marlin Integrations Family stays up to date on current ADA and Fire Prevention regulations to guarantee that our products and services are legal and safe to keep liability down to a minimum in the event of an emergency. Our promise to you is exceptional service while being upfront and honest about your options for a secure, safe, cost-effective, and most importantly legal access control system.

We achieve our goal by following strict guidelines that all of our family members abide by so that no matter who we send to solve your problem, you will receive the same integrity, honesty, and passion that we proudly possess. The American Disabilities Act and local fire prevention code directly affects what you, the customer and end-user, can have installed on your business; Marlin Integrations takes care of the leg work so you can be stress-free while we service your current or install a new, Marlin guaranteed access control system

It is not uncommon to have a system on your building that does not meet current regulations. This is due to the requirement for permitting on certain types of hardware being relatively new. The other unfortunate truth is that the overwhelming majority of salesman and installers fail to effectively inform their customers when a permit is required or when hardware does not meet the ADA or Fire Prevention code. If you are unsure if your system is safe or legal, we have highlighted some key points down below.

All magnetic locks must be connected to the fire alarm mechanically so when the fire alarm goes off, the magnetic lock loses power and unlocks. A motion sensor is required to allow patrons or employees to freely exit through the door uninterrupted. “Push to Exit” buttons must be added for redundancy in the event the motion sensor fails. The button is required to stay unlocked for a minimum of 30 seconds. All doors that do not use magnetic locks must use a device that allows for “single motion” egress. This can be a lever or panic bar. These devices alone do not require a permit unless a magnetic lock is used on one or more doors within the system

If you are concerned your system does not meet the requirements we just mentioned, Marlin Integrations can inspect your system. Whether you have one door on a suite or multi-site facilities, we guarantee an honest assessment so you can rest peacefully knowing you are doing your part as an owner or manager to keep your employees and guests safe.

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