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Dallas/Ft Worth Stand-Alone Access Control

If your company wants security, but doesn’t need so high a level of it that you have to create a complicated access point, then you might find a stand-alone access control system as your best option. Though these systems can provide exceptional protection, they also offer both convenience and affordability for users.

To set up an appropriate stand-alone access control system, it’s the simple solution to contact Marlin. We specialize in helping clients research, choose and implement access control systems that are customized to their overall needs without hassle.

What does a stand-alone access control system mean?

Access control systems can be very complicated if you need them to be. However, sometimes you want a high level of security that is also easy to operate. Perhaps you don’t need a high number of access points or multiple levels of security under your belt. Instead, you might only need a stand-alone access control system.

These access control systems are not linked to a complicated overall security system. Instead, they are self-contained and usually require only the simplest tools to operate. In many cases, they allow you to achieve a high level of protection without having to integrate the system into a more complicated security network.

Standalone vs Networked Door Access Control Systems

Security-conscious or high-risk businesses often need more complicated security systems. These might have multiple points of access designed to protect different areas. Each of these might function differently.

Other businesses, however, only need a few different access points that the owner can easily control. These are stand-alone access control systems.

With a stand-alone access control system, you only have a few different points of access to control. Because these systems are self-contained, you often can manage them simply from within a simple computer program or through the device itself.

Can a stand-alone access system work for my small business?

Stand-alone access control systems are perfect for small businesses because they offer considerable ease of access. Generally, they offer the benefit of being easily controlled, and they also usually only have the capability to control a small number of access points, usually no more than 10.

However, though these systems are small, they still offer considerable security. You can often use both keypad and card locking systems. In many cases, you can also include a degree of two-factor authentication if necessary. Therefore, with this system in place, you can create a high degree of protection for all of your access points in a simple way.

Does a stand-alone access control system provide entry tracking?

Though stand-alone access control systems offer simplicity, they do not skimp on capabilities. These systems offer secure entry tracking options to help you monitor who comes and goes from your company and when they do so. Usually, you can do so by using a key card access control system, though key pad systems also can provide this support in the right situations.

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