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All access control systems can offer your business high levels of security. However, in certain systems, there are higher risks of duplication or hacks. Not so when you invest in a biometric access control system.

Within this system, your own body is your access card, and you have one of the highest levels of security available for any area that needs a high degree of protection. If you’re interested in biometric access control, then Marlin is here to help you figure out which system is best for your complete commercial security.

What is a biometric access control system?

Under a biometric access control system, you replace the traditional keycode, card or fob with your own person. The body is something that is hard to duplicate, and a biometric access control system will tap into that uniqueness to ensure that only the proper person has the ability to unlock a secure area.

Even the simplest biometric access system will be able to recognize someone’s unique features, but they won’t recognize the features of someone who doesn’t have permission to access the system.

Why should I use a biometric access control system?

In some businesses, it’s okay to rely on the traditional card, fob or keypad for access control to sensitive areas. In other areas, however, a higher degree of security is necessary, and you’ll want the highest level of control over who can enter or access an area. By using a biometric access control system, you can achieve this level of control.

Biometric access control systems work by recognizing a unique bodily feature of a permissive user. Therefore, only the person with that particular feature can access the secure area. You have therefore created a locking system that is extremely hard to access. You also reduce the reliance on traditional keys or keypads that can be copied, stolen or have data manipulated to grant access.

More About Biometric Access Systems

How does biometric access control work?

A biometric access system uses certain, specific features of someone’s body to act as the recognition points that grant access to a secure area. Depending on the system you use, the type of metric the system measures will vary.

  • Palm Vein Systems: By placing a hand on an infrared light, an individual allows the system to recognize the unique vein system within their hand.
  • Fingerprint Systems: Just as the police use fingerprints to identify suspects, this system uses a fingerprint recognition technique to grant access. It works similarly to the fingerprint access systems provided by today’s smartphones.
  • Iris Scanners: This system creates a high-definition picture of the user’s iris in their eye. When a permissive user places their eye near the scanner, they will be granted access.
  • Face Recognition: Many security systems use facial recognition technique today. These systems can recognize unique access points of someone’s face to grant them access.

What are the benefits of biometric security?

Beyond the high level of security created by a biometric security system, you can create an overall more manageable security system than might be available from other types of access control systems.

Primarily, these systems require no special cards or codes to use, they only need to recognize someone’s unique features. Therefore, your users won’t have to worry about keeping up with keys and you won’t have to worry about the risk arising following these losses.

Additionally, you can usually easily manage these systems by simply deleting a user’s credentials from your database. Therefore, there’s no need to keep track of a lot of access keycards or codes that you will have to constantly change as turnover continues.

Are there any disadvantages of using a biometric system?

You’ll want to make sure you consider all of the benefits of biometric systems before investing in one. After all, these are some of the highest levels of security available.

For example, if you have a high number of people who might need access to an area, even when it is secure, then this might be the security system for you. After all, you don’t want to spend considerable money on a system that might not offer easy access, no matter how secure.

Keep in mind, these systems are still vulnerable to data hacks, no matter how secure they are. Therefore, you’ll have to maintain a high degree of oversight and management to keep this system secure and assuage any user concerns over privacy violations. Biometric access control will require investment, but it can clearly come in handy when used properly.

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