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To use an access control system, a user must have a key. In the old days of access control, this might have been a key code, proximity card, or fob device. However, that’s one more key that the user would have to keep up with, and there’s always a chance that it might get lost.

Today’s world of technology is vastly interconnected, which is why one of the most secure and convenient ways to let your access control system users gain access is by using their mobile devices. It is as easy as opening an app and holding your phone near the system reader.

When you come to Marlin, we’ll help you determine the best way that you can set up a mobile access control system to your benefit. We’ll help you to implement unique and specific hardware and software systems conveniently and affordably. Plus, we are able to provide the system support that you’ll need to maintain a high level of security at all times.

What is a smartphone access control system?

A mobile access control system is as simple as it sounds. Through this system, you’ll be able to replace the traditional keycard or fob with a mobile app.

All of your users will have their own access credentials that you can easily manage through your software system. However, rather than assigning credentials to a card, fob, or biometric component, these credentials will be contained within a mobile app on the user’s smartphone. It’s something they’ll have with them at all times, and they’ll have a much lower risk of ever losing their cards and locking themselves out.

How does a smartphone access control system work?

The interesting thing about smartphone access control systems is that you can use them as both your primary and secondary sources of access control credentials.

Primarily, the benefits of these systems are that they can help you eliminate the traditional keycard or fob access control. With a smartphone access control app, all a user has to do is open the app to access the unique identifiers that act as their credentials. They can then simply hold their smartphone screen near the electronic reader, which will grant them access to the secure area.

Additionally, this system will save you time with cataloging, tracking, or disposing of access control cards or other devices. You will be able to easily manage credentials, track use, and suspend access to certain parties right from your software system.

Plus, if you already have a card or keypad access control system in place, then you can use a smartphone access control system as your secondary level protection. For example, you might be able to implement a card or keypad control system as your primary credential, but then you can let a user tap into their mobile device as a dual level of protection.

Are smartphone access control systems easy to use?

Smartphone access control systems are as easy, if not easier to use than the traditional card or fob access control system. To enable user access, your software system will allow the prospective user to download an app and then set up their particular credentials profile. Then, it is a simple as opening the app each time they need to gain access to a locked area.

Smartphone access systems are easily integrated with both physical and logical systems. You’ll be able to not only lock down office buildings, but also computer networks. Therefore, everything from your company’s data to your actual office can be conveniently secure.

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