What are the Components of an Access Control System?

by May 16, 2021access control

Keys, key cards, and keypads are all used for access control. What are the differences between them? In this blog post, we’ll review the four different components of an access control system.

Each component is important in ensuring that only authorized personnel can gain access to an area. For example, if someone were able to swipe a key card into a keypad, they could gain access to restricted areas while being completely unaware of any security system in place.

What is a key fob?

A key fob is like an RFID key card. It is usually a small plastic tag that you can attach to your keys. Employees simply tap the reader with their fob to unlock the door and gain access.

What is a card reader?

Put simply, the card reader is the receiver for your swipe or tap card key access. These are installed next to the door it will be programmed to control.

What is a key card?

A keycard is usually the most thought of type of access control. They are often called prox cards, key cards, smart cards. They can use a mag strip and be swiped through the card reader or contain RFID technology for a tap on the reader for access. Click here for more information on card access control systems.

What is a keypad?

A keypad is considered a self-contained system that typically includes the keypad and lock combined into one unit. Keypad system com in either a traditional keypad with push buttons or a touchscreen option. Whether you are looking for a stand-alone or a full access control system, keypads can play a big part in your system. Click here for more information on keypad access control systems.

An access control system can help to provide security to any business.

In addition to these components of an access control system, there are also variations in how each is used on several levels. For example, if you had two doors that controlled access into the building, one door may have a card reader while the other door will have a doorknob or keypad instead. The difference has to do with security and personalization for each specific situation.


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