What is the Goal of Access Control?

by May 15, 2021access control

What Is the Goal of Access Control?

Ultimately an access control system is to minimize the security risk of unauthorized access to physical and logical systems. A well-thought-out and planned access control system will provide quick, convenient access to persons given authority, while at the same time, restricting access to unauthorized persons.

There are two types of access control, physical and virtual.

Physical access control is commonly used to limit access to campuses, offices, buildings etc.

Virtual access control, on the other hand, involves using computer software to establish controls over networks. The authorized individual or entity has a password and a code given through a computer application that enables authorized access. This is the most widely used form of network access control in businesses today. Computer software applications can also be used off-premise for organizations to establish virtual access control.

Why should I have access control?

The benefit of having an access control system is to secure and protect your entire facility, your staff, and yourself, as well as protect your future. It also prevents users and visitors alike from gaining access to potentially dangerous areas or restricted areas.

How do access control systems work?

There are many ways to use access control systems to restrict access. The most common is to have a primary control door, or “redial” door, that opens when someone requests access and then automatically calls the back-up door after 30 seconds. This type of access control requires the secondary access code to be input periodically, so employees know they’re supposed to be there and are not wasting time trying to get into places they shouldn’t be.

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