SALTO Homelok: Revolutionizing Residential Access Control

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The traditional lock and key is a mainstay of residential access control for private and multi-family dwellings. But even locks and keys have come a long way from their earliest prototypes, and it stands to reason that they’re going to change even more in the future. 

As residential access control systems evolve, you shouldn’t be afraid to adopt the latest technology. Today, the latest example of cutting-edge residential access control technology combines the best remote access tools, cloud software, digital keys and smart living ecosystems all in one space. That platform is SALTO Homelok. Scheduled to debut in the North American market in early 2023, SALTO Homelok is an all-of-the-above solution for remote access control that is truly revolutionizing how communities and individuals achieve the highest levels of remote access security, all with the highest levels of convenience attached. 

Come with us as we take a closer look at the finer points of SALTO Homelok. Consider how this revolutionary system opens new opportunities to create the highest level of security within your home.

SALTO Homelok and the Smart-Living Revolution

Whether your home is multi-family or single-family, you deserve to feel secure within your four walls. That security starts with a robust access control system. Today, access control systems are entering a new frontier as they become more able to integrate with the world of smart home ecosystems.

In today’s world, smart technology enables everyone to quickly and wirelessly connect to every part of their home through their computers and mobile devices. Today, you can use your smart ecosystem to operate your lights, appliances, household gadgets and more from almost anywhere. It is only natural that you should be able to integrate your home’s access control system into this ecosystem. 

SALTO’s Homelok system is just one example of a remote access control platform that can be integrated into your smart home ecosystem. However, this isn’t just any smart access control system. SALTO Homelok’s all-new solution offers a much more comprehensive slate of tools to create a better, more wholesome security apparatus. Here’s how it works.

The Perks of SALTO Homelok

A recent article in Locksmith Ledger International describes SALTO Homelok in this way:

“SALTO Homelok will revolutionize residential living with its all-in-one solution that integrates smart access control technology, hardware, cloud software, digital keys, a smart living ecosystem and global service support.”

It is this combination of solutions that makes SALTO Homelok truly stand out from the competition. This high degree of coordination among various tools and solutions enables the end user to create the highest levels of security for themselves in an easier, more convenient, and more cost-effective way. Consider how the following benefits within your SALTO Homelok System can help you optimize your home’s security.

Cloud Software

SALTO Homelok’s cloud software is built with integration in mind. Not only does the platform offer easy mobile and web access to all users, but it also can be easily melded with almost any residence or complex’s existing security protocols. What’s more, all technology is made simple for the user, allowing anyone to receive (and grant) access to their living spaces with minimal hassle. With the Homelok app and SALTO’s Digital Key (which is enabled by KaaS Mobile Core Technology), the user can access their home right from their smartphone. This tool can help you go a long way toward reducing your reliance on traditional lock-and-key apparatuses.


Locking hardware remains a core component of every access control system. Even though Homelok is not built with traditional lock and key systems, it still offers a variety of hardware solutions, including apartment door solutions, common area controls and perimeter management tools. These devices are made to last and meet the latest sophistication standards. Traditional access control devices are known for their complexities, but Homelok’s systems are made with simplicity (all without sacrificing security). Moreover, their simplified, streamlined design can save you time and money on installation and maintenance. 

Access Methods

Hotels long ago abandoned the standard key for keycard-based access control. It makes you wonder why apartments, condominiums, vacation homes and private residences for so long clung to this traditional, less secure access method. Products like SALTO Homelok have sought to break that cycle and take remote access control into a new frontier.

With advanced technology and the latest encryption at its core, Homelok replaces traditional keys with electronic solutions. Mobile-only and app-centered technology are at the forefront of this technology. These mobile solutions can be easily loaded into users’ smartphones and other devices, including Apple Watches and Apple Wallets, to allow users to access their homes quickly and without additional hardware. As a result, users can save various costs associated with purchasing traditional keys and locks.

At the same time, SALTO Homelok does not neglect the practical. When users want to avoid being beholden to the potential glitches that may plague their mobile devices from time to time, Homelok still offers traditional access control keycards that they can use to gain access to different parts of the residence.

Smart Living Integration

The prime benefit of SALTO Homelok is its easy integration with numerous smart home ecosystems. SALTO has partnered with various technology companies to offer one of the most expansive integration opportunities on the market. Homelok can be integrated with both targeted PMS or comprehensive smart living ecosystems, giving users more specific control over the level of integration they seek.

Ready for the SALTO Homelok System?

The SALTO Homelok System promises to bring a revolutionary shakeup to the residential access control industry. Moreover, it promises a higher level of protection for your home or residential property, all with the assurance of easy setup and integration.

As this fantastic new product enters the market, Marlin Integrations, LLC looks forward to adding it to its broad range of services. So, as you begin to implement the system in your residence, we’ll be the pros you can call whenever you need assistance or service. Until then, don’t hesitate to contact us with your residential access control needs.


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