At Marlin Integrations, LLC, we understand the importance of security for businesses properties. Among our multiple access control solutions, we proudly offer ISONAS Pure Access Cloud (PAC) for your commercial security needs.  

ISONAS is a well-known name in the security industry. The brand offers a wide spate of high-quality access control solutions under its name and in conjunction with its other brands, such as Brio, Schlage, Von Duprin and Falcon. The company’s ISONAS Pure Access Cloud is a cloud-based access control system designed for low to mid-complexity applications. It is an excellent option for businesses of all kinds. Join us as we take a closer look at ISONAS Pure Access Cloud. Consider how it’s been implemented as a successful access control solution for businesses across industries. 

ISONAS Pure Access Cloud: The Basics 

You probably know the basics of access control systems and their benefits to personal and commercial spaces. By generally eliminating the need for traditional keys, access control systems allow anyone (whether business or private individuals) to control more closely who enters their private spaces. In short, with their ability to provide monitored entry and exit points during and after hours, access control systems go a long way toward providing comprehensive, round-the-clock security.  

The ISONAS Pure Access Cloud is an excellent software-based option for businesses that want an easily integrable access control solution. Consider a few of its advantages: 

  • Its full connectivity to the cloud through fully hosted Access Control as a Service Solution (ACaaS) technology offers the best decentralized, secure data storage, which better ensures the system’s reliability. 
  • The simple, browser-based configuration tool—hosted by Amazon Web Services—is user-friendly and enables minimal training and easy setup, making managing user access credentials and security keys 24/7 simple and quick. 
  • Users can easily set up IT configurations, implement different employee access levels, control user credentials and coordinate the building’s various readers anytime, anywhere and from almost any device, including tablets and smartphones. 
  • Pure Access Cloud employs industry-recognized best practices, encryption, and other security measures to protect its infrastructure and the data within. 
  • With proactive 24/7/365 monitoring and alerting capabilities, the system can identify potential issues and alert the user before the issues have time to become problems. 

With so many advantages, it’s easy to see why the ISONAS Pure Access Cloud is an excellent solution for modern businesses. Below, you’ll see how it has helped two major companies implement robust access control solutions throughout their operational footprints. 


PopSockets is already well-known for being the home of the original phone grip. They’re experts at keeping your phone securely in your hands, and it stands to reason that they would also want to find the best way to keep their locations secure.  

Having found traditional, manual keys challenging to manage, PopSockets needed a solution allowing its 100+ employees quick, efficient and secure access to their locations during and after business hours. The company also had to closely monitor its entry and exit points to pass its annual operational audits. Implementing ISONAS solutions throughout its locations helped PopSockets reach both goals (and more). Quoted in one of ISONAS’s case studies, PopSockets CEO David Lord said, “ISONAS has brought a level of comfort and safety to all our employees by knowing that the building is secure – we now know who is in the building at all times.” 

Engel Electric 

Another of ISONAS’s case studies examined Engel Electric, a major electrical contracting company with over 50 years of experience. The company had multiple requirements in its search for an access control solution. 

  • The company had multiple office locations that needed monitoring and securing. It required a cloud-based solution that allowed integration with their existing smartphone-compatible video door entry system.  
  • The company wanted to be able to ensure that access to workers who were working during off-hours was restricted. Doing so would provide a higher level of employee and facility safety.  
  • The company needed a solution that would allow remote management of user credentials. 

ISONAS Pure Access Cloud was a perfect choice, providing Engel Electric with a hassle-free, plug-and-play security system with centralized access control across both office locations. 

To Sum It Up 

ISONAS Pure Access Cloud offers an access control solution that is reliable, secure and intuitive. Because of its easy-to-manage browser-based configuration tool, the system is easy to set up, manage and adapt as your needs change. Its ability to monitor security keys remotely 24/7 makes it a near-comprehensive solution that will meet your needs almost exclusively. If you are looking for a dependable, user-friendly and cost-effective access control solution, you’ve found it in the ISONAS Pure Access Cloud.