What Type of Access Control Should My Church Consider?

by Sep 25, 2020Churches, Industries

In the bustling Dallas Fort Worth metroplex, home to almost 7 million residents, securing a church can often be a tricky task. How do you secure your building while allowing your church members in for Sunday school or Wednesday night bible studies? Giving out keys to every guest could lead to them entering when they are not allowed, setting off the alarm, or losing the key and creating a security risk.

Marlin Integrations has a plethora of options and methods your church can deploy to give you security without disrupting services, gatherings, or studies. We offer a wide range of systems to allow code or card access that also has scheduled unlock and scheduled lock features. So, your building can be unlocked without church volunteers or workers having to show up to unlock and relock the doors. We recommend a simple code access system for churches. This gives you the ability to allow and disallow members easily without the cost of rekeying your doors or the risk of your keys being lost or given to somebody with ill intentions. This can be a standalone keypad on a side door or a full-sized access control system.

Marlin Integrations can customize any system to your specific needs throughout the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex. From single door keypads to complex personnel flow, we will design a comprehensive yet cost-effective plan for your specific building. All of our systems meet city, state, and federal regulations..


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